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AIB College of Business considers intercollegiate athletics to be an integral part of the college experience and seeks to provide positive and enriching programs that complement and reinforce the educational pursuits, academic success and athletic excellence of student-athletes.

The College embraces the concept that the student-athlete is first and foremost a student, while at the same time realizing the dividends gained through athletic competition. Integrity, sense of community, teamwork, camaraderie, sportsmanship, self-respect, self-confidence, leadership and loyalty all enliven and enrich the life of each student who participates in intercollegiate athletics.


The overriding goal of the department is to combine excellence in academic preparation with excellence in athletic competition. Therefore, the College is committed to the development and maintenance of an outstanding athletics program.

Successful intercollegiate athletic teams are a source of pride among alumni, students, faculty, staff and other constituencies. Such pride reflects positively on the College, including the areas of alumni giving, public relations and student enrollment. Furthermore, it is evident that a strong intercollegiate athletics program is part of a well-rounded institution dedicated to the service of a broad range of students. The AIB Athletics Department shares the responsibility with others on campus to contribute positively to the physical, social and educational welfare of each student-athlete.

AIB College of Business is committed to upholding and practicing the established NAIA and affiliated Conference policies and standards governing intercollegiate athletics. Institutional control is maintained through the development and review of athletics policies by the College President, Vice President for Student Life and Athletics Director, the Academic Advisor responsible for student-athletes and the Faculty Athletic Representative.


  • recruit student-athletes who are academically prepared for college work and meet the published admissions standards of the College and the NAIA.
  • provide the necessary resources, institute policies and maintain procedures that will encourage full development of the academic potential of student-athletes.
  • work cooperatively with academics in a manner that reinforces the best educational opportunities on behalf of the student-athlete's welfare.
  • promote the student-athlete's personal development, including physical skill, cooperation, teamwork, sportsmanship, loyalty and leadership abilities.
  • employ competent coaches who promote high standards of integrity and ethical behavior as well as sportsmanship.
  • comply with all rules and regulations of the NAIA and affiliated conferences.
  • maintain equity and like standards of quality in both men's and women's athletic programs.
  • provide facilities that will attract talented athletes and assist in the full development of their athletic potential.
  • operate athletics at the highest possible level of excellence consistent with NAIA Division II standards.
  • provide an activity and entertainment for the College community, alumni and friends.
  • maintain control of all donations and expenditures of funds generated by fund-raising efforts through the standard procedures established by the College for all programs and accounts.



AIB College of Business' first team sport was women's basketball and started in 1930.  They played during the 1930's and 1940's against the best Iowa high school teams.  AIB was the first Iowa team to play in the national Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) tournament and under Coach R. C. Bechtel, the team never failed to win less than 4th place in AAU tournaments.  This early team was the first Iowa women's basketball team to play out of the country when they traveled to Canada.  They also played on the East Coast, in the southern states, and all over the Midwest.  AIB's women's basketball team had a hand in bringing two-court basketball to Iowa by 1936.  They also pioneered the two-dribble rule and introduced the present guarding rule allowing the guard to tie up the ball in the act of shooting.  The women's basketball team disbanded in the 1950's.  




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